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New Videos Out...ENJOY!

New Teaching Site!

Go check out my new site called to Learn to Play Piano by Chords and Ear

Super Deal

Crazy Super Deal! All 3 Meditation CD's and a 5 song full band CD for $17.50! That is 50% off. ($35 normal price)
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Christian Piano Meditation Vol.3

Volume III

New Meditation CD out! Check out the STORE or buy from iTunes!

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Wade and wife Sadie
with wife, Sadie

Wade was born with music in his soul

Since the time he was a small child he has been discovering ways to unleash that music. In diapers he could be found with his ear glued to a record box, his feet tapping out the beat to whatever tune was playing. From the moment he could reach the piano keys, he was figuring out new melodies to fill the world with. As he grew, so did his talent and passion for music.

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