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2 New Teaching videos out! Blessed Be Your Name and One Thing Remains. Click on FREE LESSONS above to see them.


Crazy Super Deal! All 3 Meditation CD's and a 5 song full band CD for $17.50! That is 50% off. ($35 normal price)
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Christian Piano Meditation Vol.3


New Meditation CD out today! Check out the STORE or buy from iTunes!


Prayer...meditation...piano... The 3rd volume to Christian Piano Meditation will be out December 15th!


4 New Teaching videos out! Everlasting God, Forever, From the Inside Out, and Holy is the Lord. Click on FREE LESSONS above to see them.


9 New Teaching videos out! Click on FREE LESSONS above to see them.


Summer time! Enjoy a new teaching song "Whom Shall I Fear".


New Teaching Song "God of this City"


It’s Spring and the world is soon to blossom. This is one of my favorite times of the year! The renewal of faith, journey to Christ, and joy of Easter are powerful moments if you commit yourself into the season. I hope you do. Also, in line with renewal and change the Catholic Church alongside the Holy Spirit has elected a new pope! Let us pray for him and all Christian leaders to continue to lead God’s children closer to Christ.

In other news, I’ll be releasing some new videos soon. Go Team. It is such a joy to see so many people in this world learning to praise God with music. Keep it up. Much love! I’ll see you soon. -wade


New FREE lessons! "Desert Song" and "Sovereign Hands"



I have taken classical piano lessons for 2 1/2 years and so desperately wanted to learn chord piano so I could play with our praise team at church. The girl that plays keyboard is leaving to go to college and we needed one so I prayed for answers and found your website. I just want to let you know that you are a blessing. Not only do you explain, but your cheat sheets are amazing!!! I use them all of the time. We never play songs in the keys that other bands do and being able to transpose with the nashville numbers is so handy. I am still a little rusty and need help on how to improvise or play the extra notes in between, and I suppose that is where the "going pro" section comes in handy, but just wanted to say thank you so much for taking time to do this amazing ministry for so many people. I know you have a ton of requests, but if I could request one for you to do, it would be "Lead Me To The Cross" by Chris and Conrad.

Blessings to you and your family,
Audrey Sarai Ben-David


It's almost August...HOW DID THAT HAPPEN??!!


NEW Teaching Videos out! "Heart of Worship" - "Shout to the Lord - "10,000 Reasons" - "Learning to be the Light" - "My Desire"


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Christian Piano Meditation, Vol. 2 - Wade McNutt

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"Very excited about the second volume of Piano Mediation! I have been using the first volume in my catechism classes with my fourth graders. The selections of spiritual music have truly inspired an inner reflection for my children when praying, writing letters to Jesus, and for mediation. Bless you and thank you!" -Linda Aranda, St. Anthony Catholic School

Wade and wife Sadie
with wife, Sadie

Wade was born with music in his soul

Since the time he was a small child he has been discovering ways to unleash that music. In diapers he could be found with his ear glued to a record box, his feet tapping out the beat to whatever tune was playing. From the moment he could reach the piano keys, he was figuring out new melodies to fill the world with. As he grew, so did his talent and passion for music.

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