Piano Meditation by Wade McNutt



Christian Piano Meditation, Vol. 1

by Wade McNutt

Released 2010
Released 2010
This album is a long stream of Contemporary Christian meditative prayer conveyed through the heart of a piano.
Inside “Christian Piano Meditation” is found 12 calm reflective songs. A majority of the music is current known Contemporary Christian. “Holy, Holy, Holy” is a beautiful arrangement by Wade McNutt of that long-lived classic. “Living Water” and “In You” are Wade McNutt originals. Then the album concludes with “Prayer of St. Frances” which is a beautiful reflection on striving to live out a life of love and peace. The mission of this album is to create an atmosphere of prayer. Whether in your home, in your car, in church, or in a youth group; the hope is that the prayer started with this project will not fade into the air, but merely continue.

Website: pianomeditation.com