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"So a story for you...Yesterday I was on my way home from a meeting and got stuck behind a REALLY slow, horrible driver for several miles. I could feel the road-rage starting to build up. Just as I thought I was about to lose it your "Prayer of St. Francis" came up on my iPod. I had that brief human moment where I really wanted to stay mad but then realized that God was trying to tell me to calm down. I started singing the words along with thte music and in no time I was calm as could be. Anyway, just wanted to thank you for using your gifts to serve God and to let you know that it truly made a difference in my life yesterday." -Chris Hadley

"God bless you Wade! I LOVE your first CD. When I can't sleep at night or feel worried. I put your CD on and it comforts my soul and I rest. The other day I went to get a massage and the music that was playing was yours. What a relaxing massage that was. Thanks for your sharing your talent with us!" -Nancy Friemel

"Congratulations! I just got my copy on Amazon, thanks a lot for sharing your wonderful talent and doing God's work. God Bless!" -Laura L. Uy

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Prayer...meditation...piano... The 3rd volume to Christian Piano Meditation will be out December 15th!


4 New Teaching videos out! Everlasting God, Forever, From the Inside Out, and Holy is the Lord. Click on FREE LESSONS above to see them.


9 New Teaching videos out! Click on FREE LESSONS above to see them.


Summer time! Enjoy a new teaching song "Whom Shall I Fear".


New Teaching Song "God of this City"


It’s Spring and the world is soon to blossom. This is one of my favorite times of the year! The renewal of faith, journey to Christ, and joy of Easter are powerful moments if you commit yourself into the season. I hope you do. Also, in line with renewal and change the Catholic Church alongside the Holy Spirit has elected a new pope! Let us pray for him and all Christian leaders to continue to lead God’s children closer to Christ.

In other news, I’ll be releasing some new videos soon. Go Team. It is such a joy to see so many people in this world learning to praise God with music. Keep it up. Much love! I’ll see you soon. -wade


New FREE lessons! "Desert Song" and "Sovereign Hands"



I have taken classical piano lessons for 2 1/2 years and so desperately wanted to learn chord piano so I could play with our praise team at church. The girl that plays keyboard is leaving to go to college and we needed one so I prayed for answers and found your website. I just want to let you know that you are a blessing. Not only do you explain, but your cheat sheets are amazing!!! I use them all of the time. We never play songs in the keys that other bands do and being able to transpose with the nashville numbers is so handy. I am still a little rusty and need help on how to improvise or play the extra notes in between, and I suppose that is where the "going pro" section comes in handy, but just wanted to say thank you so much for taking time to do this amazing ministry for so many people. I know you have a ton of requests, but if I could request one for you to do, it would be "Lead Me To The Cross" by Chris and Conrad.

Blessings to you and your family,
Audrey Sarai Ben-David


It's almost August...HOW DID THAT HAPPEN??!!


NEW Teaching Videos out! "Heart of Worship" - "Shout to the Lord - "10,000 Reasons" - "Learning to be the Light" - "My Desire"


NEW Teaching Videos out today! "Lord, I Give You My Heart" "I Could Sing of Your Love Forever" "Hold Us Together." Enjoy!


Hello people from the world! I love all of the messages I receive about the teaching videos…thank you for sharing the love. More videos coming soon!


Isaiah 60:1 Rise us in splendor! Your light has come, the glory of the Lord shines upon you.


What kind of eyes to you see through? Perspective. I once heard a speaker say, “If you do not believe that evil exists in this world…turn on the 6 o’clock news.” But what does that mean? GodIsNoWhere. This is what the world likes to think. It is so easy to look at things through one set of eyes and say, “How could a loving God let this happen…where is God?” Or we can choose the other set of eyes and see His plan and love. GodIsNoWhere can mysteriously turn into GodIsNowHere. Same world, different perspective, and a more joyful way to live. God is HERE…lets open our eyes. Much love to you and your families, have a wonderful Christmas Season. -wade


My YouTube teaching video "How Great is Our God" has reached 20,000 views today!!! How cool. Much Love, wade


I've been working on ideas for a teaching book...something to go along with FREE videos I post on YouTube! Let me know if you have any ideas. -wade


"In response to the end of your video, just want to say many thanks for the video lesson I found today for the song 'Breathe.' Someone at the church game me a lead sheet, but it is better to see it played out. I must join up on your website, Canadians are accepted eh!!! bye -Dave."


The Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit...the entire gospel in 7 words!


Love God. Let God love you.


Rain...I'm not sure I remember what that is...hmm? If you have some...could you please send it my way : )


Thanks Australia, Canada, and Europe! Thans for joining in the prayer! Much Love. Happy Summer!


Hey Amarillo! It was wonderful praying with you this weekend! Remember, Joy is found in the cross. Much Love. -wade


A BIG HELLO to all of the friendly people at Bible Study Magazine! May God Bless all of your work.


Spring time! Love it!


I'm already working on the next project...what will it be...? Piano? Maybe a full band? Stay Tuned!


Happy Sunday! Go to church...your family is there.


Vol.2 of Piano Meditation has been up to #6 on iTunes! The prayer going out into the world!


The new CD is out! Go to any online store to give it a listen. Thanks to all who have joined the prayer with me. Much Love. PRAY YOUR LIFE!


Sign up for the e-mail list at the bottom of this page and get a free mp3 of "Our God." How fun is that!!!


Hello all ye YouTube people! Thanks for the views. Look for Vol. 2 of "Christian Piano Meditation" to be out March the 1st for download!


The recording was an amazing experience. Thanks to all who said a prayer for me. Vol. 2 will be available online this spring 2011!


I'm going in to record "Christian Piano Meditation Vol.2" tomorrow the 17th!! Please keep me in your prayers.


Have a safe and fun Thanksgiving! Do something nice for someone today.


Trick or Treat? I say...Trick...it's a lot more fun that way. Be safe tonight...have fun...and don't forget, "ALL SAINTS DAY" is tomorrow!


Hello iTunes friends! Thanks for your support. The next meditation CD is in my mind and prayers. If you have any suggestions for songs in Vol.2 just send an e-mail to contact@pianomeditation.com God Bless. -Wade


Just want to say Hi to my friends in Australia and Canada! God Bless you all.


A BIG BIG thanks to all who attended the Release Party...it's always fun to have to pull out more chairs! It was lots of fun and I hope to see you in the future. Much Love, -Wade


All are welcome to the CD Release Party/Art Exhibit (art from Randy Friemel) this weekend Sunday the 8th in Hereford. It will be at the Senior Citizens - 426 Ranger from 2-3pm. Party with the old people : )


Thanks to everyone at "First Assembly of God" here is Levelland. You truly touched my heart! Thanks for letting me share prayer though song with you. Much Love, -Wade


Hello People! I'll be at the First Assembly of God tonight at 6:30pm in Levelland praying a few original songs...that's right, I said praying! See you there. -Wade


I'd just like to say...I've been working on my golf game...and I still stink. Not when I'm alone though, I'm great then, but, get me around people and BOOM...back to stink!


Happy Fathers Day! It's my first...and Happy 1st Anniversary to my amazing wife Sadie. I love you and I feel like the luckiest man on earth!


It's hot outside! I think I deserve some Ice-cream! Oh, and happy 33 year anniversary to my Mom and Dad...they can have some Ice-cream too. Love y'all. -Wade


I love my wife! Ya see, we may or may not be going somewhere in the future...and she does not know where! HA HA HA! (that was an inside joke so pretend you know what it means and have a good laugh)


The album is now available on good old iTunes and many other online stores! cdbaby.com is a nice choice also...they are good people. But, don't forget to check out the store on this site too!


CD's shipped today! I'm too exited!


The most beautiful girl in the world was born and her name is Evalyn Faith McNutt. 6 lb 8oz and 19 1/2 in. I cut the cord...and...it exploded like a balloon! The crazy thingis...I don't ever want to wash that shirt.

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