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"Wade - Just wanted to send you a quick note to say thanks for the helpful tutorial videos on your website.

I am a border-line advanced piano player, but am looking to become more proficient at playing within the pentatonic scales. Your "going pro" sections are a great resource for learning how to fill in the space between chords."


Brian Krebsbach

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Piano Cheat Sheets

Piano Cheat Sheets

Wade McNutt

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Book description

Piano Cheat Sheets are a look in the mind of a professional piano player. They cut to the chase of what you really need to know to play most Pop, Country, and Contemporary Christian songs. They are intended to be a supplement to FREE YouTube videos found at but can also be used for solo study. The "Cheat Sheets" show the scales, common chords, pentatonic scales, and Nashville Numbers for all the key signatures on the piano.

What People Are Saying

"I recently came across your videos on YouTube and they are wonderfully made videos. I grew up as a classical pianist, but have struggled to make the transition to worship music." -Jennifer

"Thanks for your tutorials! They are a blessing to me! Yes, a lot of tricky moves in that song but finally I have gotten over them thanks to you! Be Blessed! Those fills (from Piano Cheat Sheets) are just what I needed too!" –YouTube Subscriber

“You are such a blessing!! Not only do you know your stuff but also have the talent to teach. God bless you so you can continue blessing us with these tutorials.” –YouTube Subscriber

"I like the prayer before the tutorial!" –YouTube Subscriber

"This is great! Since our worship team plays it in the key of G, I transposed the song using the Nashville numbers (from Piano Cheat Sheets). How awesome to be able to do this! Thank you for the tutorial!" –YouTube Subscriber

"This was really good! You did things nice and slow and I love how you kept the fingers you weren’t using hidden to be clearer. Thank you so much! I'm going on a mission trip to Mexico in two days and needed to know how to play this so I could play with the youth worship team there. Thanks again!" –YouTube Subscriber

"Thanks this video helped so much! It helps having a video like this to watch when you need to learn a song in under a week! Most helpful video I have seen for piano in a long time!" –YouTube Subscriber

"I just wanted to send my HUGE thanks to you for your lessons on youtube, "I've always LOVED playing piano, however struggled with learning from books. I gave up on playing for my church cause I could never read all the notes in the hymnal at once. I happened to run across your youtube video searching for youtube videos to play background music for our worship. When I clicked your video, I was amazed how well you teach piano hands on. That is the BEST and ONLY way I can learn to play. I'm praying you will be able to continue to bless people like me with more lessons with worship music. I'm looking forward to trying your video lesson at church tomorrow to see how it goes, Our regular piano player is on vacation now and her and her husband (our former minister) are seeking another church and therefore we may lose her and need someone to play piano. I'm praying God will give me the opportunity to learn through your videos! May God bless you for all your hard work to minister to others. Thank you soooo much! I'm truly blessed!"

Serving Christ Daily,
Sherri Bordner
Worship Leader/Youth Minister

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"God bless you Wade! I LOVE your first CD. When I can't sleep at night or feel worried. I put your CD on and it comforts my soul and I rest. The other day I went to get a massage and the music that was playing was yours. What a relaxing massage that was. Thanks for your sharing your talent with us!" -Nancy Friemel

Christian Piano Meditation

Christian Piano Meditation Vol. 1

Wade McNutt

SALE Price: $9.99 - $10.79 after tax (same at iTunes!!) - Shipping is FREE in the United States!!

Christian Piano Meditation, Vol. 1 - Wade McNutt

Album description

Inside “Christian Piano Meditation” is found 12 instrumental Christian songs. A majority of the music is current known Contemporary Christian. “Holy, Holy, Holy” is a beautiful arrangement by Wade McNutt of that long-lived classic. “Living Water” and “In You” are Wade McNutt originals. Then the album concludes with “Prayer of St. Frances” which is a beautiful reflection on striving to live out a life of love and peace. The mission of this album is to create an atmosphere of prayer. Whether in your home, in your car, in church, or in a youth group; the hope is that the prayer started with this project will not fade into the air, but merely continue.

Track names, order, and timings

  • 01 Indescribable (4:09)
  • 02 Empty and Beautiful (4:05)
  • 03 Hungry (3:37)
  • 04 Amazed (3:42)
  • 05 Come to the Water (4:00)
  • 06 In You (3:04)
  • 07 Open the Eyes of My Heart (4:13)
  • 08 Breathe (4:17)
  • 09 How Great is Our God (4:05)
  • 10 Living Water (4:12)
  • 11 Holy, Holy, Holy (3:40)
  • 12 Prayer of St. Francis (2:38)
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"Congratulations! I just got my copy on Amazon, thanks a lot for sharing your wonderful talent and doing God's work. God Bless!" -Laura L. Uy

Christian Piano Meditation Vol.2

Christian Piano Meditation Vol. 2

Wade McNutt

SALE Price: $9.99 - $10.79 after tax (same at iTunes!!) - Shipping is FREE in the United States!!

Christian Piano Meditation, Vol. 2 - Wade McNutt

Album description

The prayer continues with Volume 2 of Christian Piano Meditation. These loved instrumental Christian songs are beautifully prayed through the piano styling of Wade McNutt. This album contains 12 reflective piano prayers that will fill up any service or personal meditation with praise. Wade invites you to pray with him in almost 1 hour of meditation. Pray Your Life.

Track names and order

  • 01 Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone)
  • 02 Our God
  • 03 Mighty to Save
  • 04 Your Grace is Enough
  • 05 Jesus Messiah
  • 06 May the Body and Blood
  • 07 Restless
  • 08 Blessed Be Your Name
  • 09 Mysterious Ways
  • 10 Here I am to Worship
  • 11 Everlasting God
  • 12 It is a Mystery
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Christian Piano Meditation Vol.2

Christian Piano Meditation Vol. 3

Wade McNutt

SALE Price: $9.99 - $10.79 after tax (same at iTunes!!) - Shipping is FREE in the United States!!

Album description

Songs that will soothe your soul! The third volume in the Christian Piano Meditation series.

Track names and order

  • 01 From the Inside Out
  • 02 Hosanna
  • 03 God of this City
  • 04 I Will Rise
  • 05 Ready to Be One with You
  • 06 Holy is the Lord
  • 07 Revelation Song
  • 08 Be Thou My Vision
  • 09 Lord, I Need You
  • 10 Desert Song
  • 11 10,000 Reasons
  • 12 Anima Christi
  • 13 Tantum Ergo


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