You can now get my Cheat Sheets for FREE CLICK HERE to get FREE cheat sheets! 

***Note: The Cheat Sheets do not contain songs...just secrets of playing chords and sounding awesome : )

I've also created a new teaching site called pianochops.com.  It rocks.  I go deeper than my YouTube videos and really show you how to play! 

Much love and Many Blessings! 


Play Piano By Ear

Play Piano By Ear

Christian Piano Meditation, Vol. 5

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Check out my newest piano album "Christian Piano Meditation, Vol. 5"!  It will put you to sleep...in a good way : )

Worthy News
I have a really cool acoustic worship album out with my amazing friend Chad!  Go check out our page at chadandwade.com.

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Free Lessons for worship piano...


I had the chance to open for the great Matt Maher in November here in Houston (Conroe, TX).  Check it out at Faith Fest.

My beautiful family and Matt Maher.

My beautiful family and Matt Maher.